Guests are welcome to tour the two main floors of Moody Mansion, furnished in a variety of styles ranging from French Rococo to Classical Revival. All furnishings are original to the Moody family.

“FASHION FOLLOWS FUNCTION” in Mary’s Gallery: A remarkable exhibit showing photos of Mary Moody Northen at various stages of her life, with the actual clothing she wore in those photos! The exhibit demonstrates how Mary Moody Northen’s wardrobe changed over the years, as she grew from a shy and delicate debutante to a Galveston socialite to a nationally prominent business executive, philanthropist and adventurer.

Gather a group: Moody Mansion offers discounts for groups. Call for details.

The Galveston Children’s Museum on the ground floor of Moody Mansion has a wealth of hands-on activities for children. A separate fee is charged for admission.